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Notice: the Lair has been moved and will selfdestruct soon(unless tripod closes the wrong account) so pop on over to...


JT-3D's Lair

Note: I'm leaving the Christmas decorations up for awhile to keep the spirit alive. I love Christmas.


Happy New Years

Happy New Years

Merry Christmas

Happy New Year!!

Oh no! Two bottles of champagne and now I'm married to some nerd named Bill Gates.


Howdy cyber travellers. (Notice that I did'nt say 'surfers'? I hate that term and I refuse to let the media tell me what I should say. So all you out there that say 'surf the net' or what ever, you're cattle. Bah, I say. Think for yourselves.
I used 'cyber' grudgingly. Hmm, cyber. Cyber what? Cyborg? Cyberoptics? Cyperbole? Cy Sperling? Where did 'cyber' come from, anyway? Oh, yeah. 'CyberSpace',what does that mean? I guess that's another media mantra that even, the great, I have picked up. Oh my.
(Sheesh, first page and I'm already bitter.)
Let's reset: Howdy, net (network) travellers. I started this site a couple of months ago and I still have'nt figured out what to do with it. But it should at least be entertaining. I will entertain suggestions and/or contributions. We will have to see what developes. Btw, if you want to start a web site go and sign up at Tripod.com and viola. Instant web space to create or rant. Thanks again to Tripod.

NOTICE: Tripod has forced me to move my .html sites (see the op-ed page linked on the left) so in the interest of net neatness I will also move the sites I made with the builder. Fortunately, I haven't moved them far. So if this site disappears just change the address from jt-3d.tripod.com to jt_3d.tripod.com/jts_lair.html.

In fact, I have mostly moved out of here and this site will receive only one more update. (the one where I delete it) So beat keys over to:

The New JT-3D's Lair


BTW, for those of you who don't have web sites or are smart enough to not put your e-mail address on your site, there are address bots that search websites for e-mail addresses and then add them to lists for everything from porn sites to employment agencies. Thus, I have addressed the following comment to these web bots. Also, if you send me mail though this link don't put 'here's the infomation you requested' or 'have you seen our latest teen porn pics?' or like that in the subject line cause it goes right in the dumper.

(Allright web bots, here's my e-mail address because I can never get enough SPAM, you stupid, mindless, idiots.)


For some reason, this site was tinkered with: 8 Jan. 2001 (Probably because I had too much time on my hands.)

The changes may be small or invisible but if I change this it means I have changed something on the site. I'm going to start adding what was changed. We'll see if that works or not.

(Added some more pics on the space page. A new pic on Weasel page. Now, still more pics to the space page. Rerouted some links to sites that I have moved. (see above/right). Oh, and a new op-ed (A tripod webmaster's holiday).